Vol.1 Brooklyn’s January 2020 Book Preview

January 2021 books

A new year, and plenty of new books to go along with it. The works that have us the most excited this month are a wide-ranging bunch, encompassing memoir, uncanny translated fiction, and groundbreaking explorations of the craft of writing. There’s plenty to keep you hooked this month, when it comes to noteworthy books; here’s a look at some of the ones that have us especially intrigued.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s May 2016 Book Preview

May brings with it a host of noteworthy books that have caught our eye. Some are the latest works from authors who have become favorites over the years; others are structurally bold, socially relevant, or intensely disconcerting. (In some cases, they may be some combination of the above.) It’s going to be a good month for books, whether you’re looking for an illuminating take on music or an unsettling ghost story. Here are some of the books due out in […]

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