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Vol. 1 is happy to announce we’re hopping back on the bandwagon and embracing the exciting mode of publishing called print. Here’s some information on the goings-on of Julius Singer Press.



Sandwich Stories features essays from three of our favorite writers on a subject near to our hearts. Rahawa Haile delves into the world of Publix subs, Mairead Case chronicles the appeal of the runza, and Jen Vafidis pays tribute to the egg and cheese sandwich. The cover artwork is by Matt Lubchansky.



Due out in November, 1995 will feature Daniel Ralston on Rancid’s And Out Come the Wolves, Maria Sherman on Blink 182’s Cheshire Cat, Jason Diamond on Los Crudos,  Jes Skolnik on Slant 6’s Inzombia, and Tobias Carroll on New Jersey basement shows. The cover art is by Mark McCoy.


Punk Houses: this split zine features stories about uncanny DIY venues by Jes Skolnik and Zachary Lipez. Pre-order information coming soon.


“Suburban Stories,” with work by Pilot Viruet, Mikki Halpin, Kevin Nguyen, and a collaboration between Hallie Bateman and Brendan O’Connor.

A MasterChef Junior fanzine edited by Jazmine Hughes.

Singer Reader #1, our new journal with works by various writers and artists.