Sunday Stories: “The Rock-afire Explosion at Pat’s Pizzazz Parlor”

animatronic figure

The Rock-afire Explosion at Pat’s Pizzazz Parlor
by Alicia Bones

A couple months back, a local guy bought a Rock-afire Explosion animatronic animal band for his amusement center, a strip mall birthday place frequented by kids whose parents couldn’t afford Chuck E. Cheese. Even with the new old electronics, Pat’s Pizzazz Parlor was the kind of place that had been over for decades; its appeal was that it wasn’t real anymore. That was OK for some kids, skating around on brown leather roller skates with neon orange wheels, playing the Addams Family Pinball and the Mrs. Pac-Man. Some kids didn’t have any other choice. It was a Pat’s party or no party. 

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