Dispatches From a Life in Punk: A Review of Sam McPheeters’s “Mutations”

"Mutations" cover

There’s so little to be happy about these days that when something comes along that sparks some joy we cling to it like a life raft. The Tiger King didn’t do shit for me but I couldn’t put Sam McPheeters’ book Mutations down. I tore through it in a day and a half, skipping meals and work along the way. I doubt I would’ve read it any slower if there was no plague outside my door or if we had a human being for a  president, it’s that good.

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Morning Bites: Clinton on Caro, HBO Corrections no More, 33 1/3, Sam McPheeters, and More

Bill Clinton’s New York Times review of Robert Caro’s latest L.B.J. biography is up. HBO not going forward with The Corrections. Benjamin Samuels of Electric Literature talks at Huffington Post about loving books but trying to get people to read them on computers and tablets. Why do we love bad guys like Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman? Emily Savage talks to Sam McPheeters about his book The Look of the Ruin. In case you were curious about what albums were […]

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