Is “The Devil’s Cut” a Bargain Worth Accepting?

"The Devil's Cut" cover

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: there’s this new comic book publisher, and they’re making a splashy debut with a new line of comics. There’s been a bit of that this year, but right now I’m here to talk about the new press DSTLRY and their recent anthology The Devil’s Cut, which features an impressive array of writers and artists, including the people behind several of my favorite comics of the last five years.

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Voodoo & Vampires: Some Thoughts on Scott Snyder

Posted by Tobias Carroll A couple of years ago, I first encountered the work of the writer Scott Snyder. He was taking part in a reading at McNally Jackson (disclaimer: so was I); the story that he read there did a fine job of getting under my skin, and I picked up his collection Voodoo Heart before leaving. I read it not long after that, and was as impressed with it as I had been with his earlier story.

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