An Excerpt From Steven Seidenberg’s “plain sight”

"Plain Sight" cover

Today, we’re pleased to present an excerpt from Steven Seidenberg’s plain sight. Laura Moriarty has referred to the book as “a thrilling ‘excavation of the nous,’ drawing us into a realm where point of view, connotation, misdirection, and other rhetorical and prestidigitational devices are deployed in a tender but unyielding attack on the illusions we share.” Through a series of short fragments, Seidenberg illuminates haunting corners of the human psyche.

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An Excerpt from Steven Seidenberg’s “Situ”

We’re pleased to present an excerpt from Steven Seidenberg’s new book Situ. This work occupies a space that eludes easy classification–which is in keeping Seidenberg’s work as an artist, which encompasses multiple creative disciplines. In addition to this, he’s also the curator of the False Starts series at San Franscisco’s The Lab.

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