A Year of Favorites: Michele Filgate

A Year of Favorites

Books! I love them. I live for words and I live for stories that can move me and tell me how to exist in this complicated, fucked-up world that we call home. Here are ten books that challenged me, entertained me, or stayed with me long after I read the final paragraph. The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud Earlier this year, Messud received some attention as the literary world argued about unlikable characters. Nora isn’t an unlikable character. She’s likable […]

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Denis Johnson’s Kids: On the Short and Gritty Nu-Realism of Susan Steinberg

You read certain books at just the right time. I could go down a list of moments where literature totally clicked with what was going on in my life, what I wanted from my life, or what I was searching for.  Not to go down the entire list, but Denis Johnson’s collection of stories, Jesus’ Son, is on that list. The book that, like for so many other folks I’ve talked to, was my introduction to Johnson’s work; a path […]

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