The pre-Sag Harbor, pre-zombie music writings of Colson Whitehead are available

Posted by Tobias Carroll

In a reasonably genius move, the Village Voice‘s Sound of the City music blog is reprinting some of the record reviews that Colson Whitehead wrote for said newspaper in the early 90s. First up: Basehead’s Not in Kansas Anymore.
On Not in Kansas Anymore (Imago), Basehead drops most of those hip hop gestures—a little half-hearted scratching is all that’s to be had—leaving only the band’s mellow, minimalist arrangements. A college boy to the core, Ivey’s lyrics are pure middle-class angst, which means racism, beer, and girls are all of equal importance.
The whole thing is worth reading; apparently, Sound of the City will be reprinting more of his reviews in the days to come.