Bites: 9/11 novels, Nick Cave’s new book, Sufjan Stevens clip, Fashion and Tennis, the mind of Joe Wilson, and more



The Daily Beast’s Sam Jacobs lists the 9/11 novels actually worth reading.

“Welcoming Remarks Made at a Literary Reading, 9/25/01” at McSweeney’s

Nick Cave (pictured above) talks about The Death of Bunny Munro (Thanks, Guardian)

Michelle Huneven (Blame) picks songs for Largehearted Boy.

The sentence “Dan Brown, is expected to pull a J.K. Rowling by single-handedly hauling the publishing industry out of the toilet” sends chills up my spine. (Thanks, January Magazine)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago,” once widely banned, is now required reading for Russian students.


A clip from Sufjan Stevens upcoming DVD, The BQE. (Thanks, MOKB)

Dear Sean Lennon, this is a bit on the awkward side. (Thanks, The Tripwire)


In lieu of the US Open going on, The Daily Beast tests the theory: “Do Bold Outfits Win Matches?


Salon gets in the mind of Joe Wilson