Bites: L Mag Dislikes Tao Lin, Depressing Books, Rewrite of The Prince, the Polanski Problem, Chicago, Ahmadinejad, Conde Nast, and more

L Magazine wouldn’t like Tao Lin.  Apparently only two people came to one of Lin’s readings at a bookstore in California, and the tiny magazine rejoiced.  To contrast, here is what Vol. 1 has said about Lin’s latest novel and publishing imprint.


The Top 10 Most Depressing Books.

Another list, The National Book Foundation’s “Top 5 Under 35.”

The Millions has a charming essay about one writer’s experience at an artist’s retreat in Wyoming.  The Millions, also, interviewed Tao Lin.

Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff to Tony Blair, is “putting the finishing touches to a modern version of Machiavelli’s The Prince.”


Emdashes‘ Cartoonist, Pollux, responds with “The Polanski Case.”

Literary heavyweights Bernard-Henri Levy, Salman Rushdie, and Paul Auster have signed a petition supporting the release of the filmmaker.

And from the Village Voice:  “If you knew Roman Polanski like we know Roman Polanski, you would surely understand how artistically narrow-minded it is to treat him like a rapist just because he raped someone.”


Obama was told Chicago was a shoo-in!

Ahmadinejad is not Jewish.

A terrifying story from New York Magazine about the danger of being gay in Iraq.


The Atlantic covers Leak & Sons Funeral Home in Chicago, and how their business is booming. (Thanks, The Rumpus)

Gourmet Magazine folds from Condé Nast’s roster. So will Modern Bride, Elegant Bride (Hey, what’s the diff., anyway?), and Cookie (of which we just now learned the existence at all).

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