Bites: Get Crazy About Nabokov, Zadie Smith, Tao Lin’s Stuff, John Irving is Worried, New Magnetic Fields, The Beets at a Museum, and More.


Let’s go crazy about Nabokov!

On the Media talks to Ron Rosenbaum of Slate about his conflicted feelings over the publication of The Original of Laura.

Aleksandar Hemon is sorta against Laura seeing the light of day.

Nabokov specimen covers.


  • Village Voice on Zadie Smith’s collection of essays, Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays.
  • John Irving is worried about me?  I was worried about John Irving!  So crazy!
  • Robert Brinbaum talks abut the The Invention of the Jewish People.


  • New Hot Chip announced, and we get excited.  Not as Excited about the Magnetic Fields thing, but excited nonetheless.

Weird world of sports.


  1. I guess you’re right. Maybe if we concentrated our energy less on talking about Tao Lin, we could direct it more on doing things like selling ads for shit we don’t like, and then give Tao a %.