Bites: The Shining pt. 2, Lethem in Manhattan, Rimbaud, Turkey Holocaust Poetry, Grass Widow on WFMU, and More

Danny, he said, was certain to have been left “with a lifetime’s worth of emotional scars” after his experiences at the Overlook, where his father was possessed by the hotel, tried to kill him and his mother and eventually died.

I’m going to guess two things.  The first being Stephen King isn’t going to name the sequel to The Shining, The Shining 2: Danny Torrance Boogaloo.   Secondly, I’m guessing he’s not going to get Stanley Kubrick to do the film adaptation.


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Thanksgiving is a warped holiday.

Fucked in Park Slope, literally.

Dear WFMU,

  • Thanks for all you do.  Especially wanna thank you for this live Grass Widow set you gave us.