A Sunny Day in Brooklyn

By Jason Diamond

I guess A Sunny Day in Glasgow getting tagged as a “twee” band isn’t totally unjustified. After all, they share 75% of their name with mid-80’s Sarah Records band, Another Sunny Day. Of course, then there is the Belle and Sebastian connection: the Scottish band (who come from Glasgow) had a song in 2006 called, “Another Sunny Day”, and though I’m unsure whether the song pre-dates A.S.D.I.G., I’m willing to bet one of these references points toward the origin of the name.

So, maybe the twee label has been earned on account of name only — as they don’t share many similarities with bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Between both of those bands, there is an obvious appreciation for My Bloody Valentine, but in A.S.D.I.G’s case, it’s more pointed at Kevin Shields’ penchant for experimenting with noise as pop.  In some moments on their latest album, Ashes Grammar, I even feel comfortable saying A Sunny Day in Glasgow has perhaps emerged as the rightful heir to Stereolab’s legacy.
The band makes it to Brooklyn on December 12th , playing Union Hall, and DJing Monday Night Vinyl Club at Bell House on Dec. 14th which is hosted by my friend Naomi who was actually the brilliant mind that coined the title of this post.

Listen: “Failure

Shy (Ernest Gonazales aka Mexicans With Guns Remix)


  1. Ben Daniels from ASDiG sent me a copy of “Ecstasy and Wine” dubbed on cassette tape. It was labeled, with sharpie, “Ask Stacey and Whine.”

    I look forward to the coming vinyl club. A previously unreleased note, there will be christmas cookies.

    Also ASDiG toured with the Pains (and My Teenage Stride) a while back. This is an awesome post, much more awesome than these random notes.