3 Quick Record Reviews

By Jason Diamond

Strange Boys
Be Brave
In the Red Records

“Austin, TX’s The Strange Boys evoke a wild-eyed, porcelain-skinned innocence that is capable of summoning the wayward spirit of Brian Jones.” (Via)

Should you care?

Yes, totally.  Their first album, And Girls Club, was a little ruby of good old fashioned slop that channeled more Ray Davies than Brian Jones, but to me, that’s a very great thing.  The only difference between this album and that, is they seem a little bit more comfortable playing around in a studio.  That doesn’t mean this record is all shiny and polished, just the opposite; the band gives us twelve sloppy little ditties that sounds like they want the listener (in this case you and me) to partake in all the fun they’re having.

Christy & Emily
No Rest

On their site, they say they’re influenced by a lot of things that I like (Brian Eno, John Fahey, Kraftwerk, Carter Family).

Should you care?
You should totally care that this record is full of beautiful lo-fi psych jams.  I like these kinds of albums because I can either really get into it, or use it for background music while I’m reading.


“Ashley Beedle’s MAVIS project was originally sparked three years ago when he and musical partner Darren Morris had an evening listening to Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers. The pair were so blown away, this led them to create an instrumental which became the inspiration for the MAVIS album. To Ashley, Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers have always been hugely iconic.”

Should you care?
Ehhhh.  I don’t know about this.  Even though I absolutely love Mavis Staples and her family, and there are appearances by Edwyn Collins and the dude from Lambchop, this sounds like the music you listen to at a really bougie “art party” with wine and cheese.

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  1. That track reminds me of some track by other composer which I really liked . but I can’t quite remember which :- anybody know who I am looking for?