Kindle at the Passover Seder?

Ah Passover.  You aren’t as depressing as Yom Kippur, and certainly aren’t as fun as the drunken celebration of Purim. No Passover, you get the distinction of being the most boring of the Jewish holidays.

At least you’re keep up with the times: now we can use an eBook to ask the 4 questions.

The latest publication vying for attention in the Passover canon is “Haggadah for the Fifth Child.” A clever title, for, as every Seder-jaded Jew knows, ordinarily only four children make it to the Passover table. So how is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadot?

For starters, it is an e-book, one of a small but growing library of downloadable Haggadot.

(Via Forward)