Michael Musto Vs. LCD Soundsystem: Who Cares?

Apparently Flavorpill does, so they’ve created a list of famous feuds between musicians and music journalists.  If you don’t want to read it, here’s the rundown:

  • Musto and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem aren’t really having a feud.  Murphy was being playful.  Musto’s own publication interviewed him about it.
  • Lou Reed vs. Lester Bangs:  I’ll admit to this being relevant, and I wish more music crits. wrote drug fueled criticism of their hero’s.
  • Courtney Love vs. Lynn Hirschberg:   I didn’t realize most of the initial shit we learned about love was via a Vanity Fair article.   But who was listening to Hole and reading Vanity Fair in 1992?  In fact, who’s doing it in 2010?
  • Das Racist vs. Sasha Frere-Jones: Seriously dudes? This is worth mentioning?
  • Pitchfork vs. everybody:  Stars, Airborne Toxic Event, and that most recent album by The Decemberists all suck very badly.  And while I’m really not the biggest fan of the rating system uses (does an extra .1 really make or break an album?), most of the Pitchfork hating that goes on is petty at best.

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  1. Buddyhead is always amazing, haven’t read their site in ages. Thanks for the heads up their back…. I think I’m showing my age here. Haha. You like ride?