Awesome: William Burroughs Graphic Novel

Fantagraphic always puts out the best stuff.

According to Flavorwire:

Beat author William S. Burroughs has a long-lost graphic novel called Ah Pook Is Here, and it will be published in 2011 by Fantagraphics Books. Burroughs, author of the Naked Lunch, teamed up with British cartoonist and painter Malcolm McNeill in 1970 to create The Unspeakable Mr. Hart for the British magazine Cyclops. When the magazine folded, the duo put together what they called a “Word/Image novel” (the term “graphic novel” had not yet been popularized) and shopped it to publishers. After seven years of trying to sell the new genre, Burroughs and McNeill gave up. Next year the work will finally see the light of day.