Appreciation for Daniel Higgs

Posted by Jason Diamond

Listen: Skull Defekts – “Fragrant Nimbus”

I still stand behind Daniel Higgs advice that “love will ruin your mind.”  He chanted it over and over like a mantra on the 1998 album Artificial Horizon by his (now former?) band Lungfish.  When I first heard it, I was convinced these were the words of a guru.

In retrospect, that’s not surprising.  Higgs literally looks like a leader of men.  He might be a messianic figure, a holy man, a shaman, or maybe a brother from another planet.  I’m unsure what his true place in this universe is, but I know that he has this ability to always make music that is challenging.  He always aligns himself with projects that I will sit up and listen to; his latest venture, joining up with Swedish group, The Skull Defekts, is definitely not an amendment to that claim.

Higgs joins the band for their fifth release, Peer Amid.  Out this month on Thrill Jockey.

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