Monday Thoughts on the Sunday Review: Christopher Hitchens and The book covers that never were

Illustration by Tina Berning via the New York Times

Posted by Jason Diamond

Two things I got out of this past New York Times Sunday Book Review section:

1.  If the illustration used as his contributor picture is any indication (see above), Christopher Hitchens looks really bad.  Since all signs point to things indeed looking grave for Hitch, it’s pretty miraculous that he can even find the time and energy to nearly keep the same writing pace. Read his review on A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918, by Adam Hochschild

2.  The piece on unused book covers made me think that in some cases, people made the wrong decisions.  I’ll keep which ones to myself, and let you decide on your own.  (Unless of course you’ve used up your quota of free NYT lookies for the month.)