Afternoon Bites: The Lit Pub, Stan VanDerBeek, Antietem, and more

Today marks the launch of The Lit Pub. Their mission, according to their site, is “to promote a sustainable literary community by introducing readers to authors we know and love.” Their homepage currently features books like Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water; James Yeh had some questions for founder Molly Gaudry at The Faster Times, and Adam Robinson spoke with Gaudry for HTML Giant.

  • “I want to take this thing called rock music and claim it for my generation. Not as this nostalgic thing and going back to what it was like being 22 and listening to Husker Du, but relating it to how you live your life today. For us, my peers, rock should be an ongoing thing.” Antietam’s Tara Key is profiled by Greg Kot.
  • “For the hulking “Hung Bunny,” Osborne wanted to play “what the Swans would sound like if they played heavy metal”—ultimately an epic drone poem of coiling guitars and meditative moans.” Christopher Weingarten on the Melvins’ Lysol, and its decades-spanning influence.

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