I don’t need books to make me feel like a “real man”

Posted by Jason Diamond

I tried to find some merit in the NY Daily News piece “When writers were real men: Maybe guys aren’t reading because manliness is absent from literature,” but unfortunately I had to give up midway through because what I had read was wedged somewhere between “bullshit hyperbole” and “flaming hot turd.”

Where have all the booze-swilling Dylan Thomases gone? Without the kinds of drinkers (Faulkner), brawlers (Hemingway) and lotharios (Bellow) who used to write our greatest works of literature, it’s no wonder that masculinity has gone elsewhere (say, Kid Rock) for self-validation.

I’m not sure who needs to define their masculinity via the pages of a book, but if you really think that’s what is going to get men to buy more books, I guess go ahead and continue thinking that “real” dudes are desperately waiting for the release of Kid Rock’s memoir.  I’ll be busy reading the same books I’ve always read, and being the total pussy this article says I am.