Nerd Porn: Art Deco Great Gatsby

Posted by Jason Diamond

My fiance and I are tossing around ideas for how we want our wedding to look.  We aren’t going for a theme, but there obviously has to be a look.  We’ve mentioned ideas like “Sorta Dickensian, but not at all Steampunk,” or “Brontë just not gothy.”  Absurd as that may sound, I think this is what you do when planning a wedding.  You find common ground, and work from there.

Since we’re both fans of the Jazz Age and Art Deco design, we’ve found our happy spot.  We don’t plan on having flappers and opium at the reception (although that might be hilarious), but we want an idea of how it should look.  That means lots of sitting on the couch and Googling for inspiration.  That’s how we came across the above cover of The Great Gatsby, which I suspect is part of this really fantastic re-covering competition, but am not 100% sure.

Either way, I’d like to own this if I could.