Morning Bites: Sartre and Ray Davies are birthday boys, McSweeney’s foodie mag, PANK in Brooklyn, and more

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest songwriters to ever grace the planet: Ray Davies.  He turns 67.

  • It’s also Jean-Paul Sartre’s birthday.  We debated who we should put on top of who, and this year Ray won the coin toss.  Next year Jean-Paul, next year.
  • Not sure if this McSweeney’s food magazine thing is going to be a one-off like the terrific “Panorama” newspaper (was that actually a one-off?  Is there another “Panorama” in the future?), but we’re excited, and so are the folks at SFGate.  One question: since David Chang has a hand in it, does that mean we get free Momofuku Milk Bar cookies if we buy it?
  • PANK is invading Brooklyn for a night on July 21st.  RSVP here.