Vol. 1 Brooklyn presents: The Greatest 3-Minute Stories About The 90s

So we’re sure you’ve heard the whole “The 90s are back” thing at least once a day for the last six month, and maybe you’re tired of it, or maybe you can’t get enough of it.  Maybe you are sitting around holding out that some Pitchfork “Best New Music” mentions Candlebox as an influence.  Maybe you’re clutching a Delia’s catalog from the days when Y2K was an actual worry.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’re hoping for a bunch of readers to tell 3-Minute stories about the 1990s while you get drunk at Bar Matchless on Wednesday, December 14th door at 7:30PM, event starts at 8.

If that last maybe is you, then you are in luck my friend.  Our acclaimed (it really is!  Electric Literature said so!) series is back, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon, and bringing you The Greatest 3-Minute Stories About the 90s. 

Our readers will be:

Rob Tannenbaum (I Want My MTV)

Karolina Waclawiak (Deputy Editor at The Believer)

Jennifer Gilmore (Author, Something Red)

Sadie Stein (Paris Review deputy editor)

Norman Brannon (Writer, formerly of the band Texas is the Reason)

Daphne Carr (Series Editor Best Music Writing, author of the Pretty Hate Machine 33 1/3 book)

Seth Fried (Author, The Great Frustration)

Jessica Suarez (Senior editor MTV Hive)

Royal Young (Interview contributor, author of the upcoming memoir Fame Shark)

Ada Calhoun (90s Woman blog, author)

Mel Bosworth (Author, Freight)

Alexander Chee (Author)

Evan Smith Rakoff (Poets & Writers editor)

Parul Sehgal (Books Editor at NPR.)

Matthew Perpetua (Fluxblog)

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