Your dose of The Fugs

Posted by Jason Diamond

Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, The Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side is out, and while I have not had a chance to read it (I’m guessing it would have maybe ended up on my Best Of list), there’s a whole lot of good press going on for it, including Royal Young talking to chief Fug Ed Sanders at Interview:

The Vietnam War was like a wound that would never heal. No matter how much we partied, made records, performed, ran bookstores and published magazines, the war just went on and on, and we began to have hundreds of thousands of people in the streets. It was a long struggle, but after 10 years, we were finally able to end it. Wars are hard to end, because the armchair patriots just love them. They just sit in their armchairs, and war is like one big computer game.

There’s also an excerpt from the book at PopMatters.

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