Literary Ephemera: Modernist lit. journals from the early 20th Century

Posted by Jason Diamond

Today we learned (via The Morning News) that Brown University and The University of Tulsa have teamed up to digitize a bunch of early 20th Century literary magazines, and believe it’s safe to say that The Modernist Journals Project is possibly the best thing we’ve seen all week.  We look forward to reading “The Freewoman,” then following it up with “The New Freewoman.”

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  1. Just this morning picked up “The Good Soldier” to read again and found part of it in that first issue of BLAST. Interesting to find its famous first sentence not in that earlier version, yet in part in the title of the piece, “The Saddest Story.”

    Also cool to see the page of the Manifesto where the record label BLAST FIRST got its name.