All About “All About Friends”

A few weeks ago, we linked to a conversation between Rumpshaker editor Eric Weiss and photographer/zine editor Carrie Whitney. The interview concerned Whitney’s assembly of a followup to her terrific late-90s compilation All About Friends, which featured a number of high points (Botch covering “Rock Lobster,” State Route 522 covering The Cure, etc.) Whitney has now set up a Kickstarter campaign allowing folks to order the new compilation (All About Friends Forever) in physical and digital formats. The followup compilation features work from Helms Alee, Torchbearer, Steve Brodsky, and more; J. Robbins and Tad Doyle also make vocal appearances.

Given the fondness for hardcore around these parts, it’s safe to say that Vol.1’s editors are pretty excited to hear this one. (Two-dude mosh pit ahoy!)

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