A David Foster Wallace Roundup

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve noticed that today would have been David Foster Wallace’s birthday.  Here’s a roundup of some DFW news and pieces that we think you should probably read in case you haven’t already.

At The Awl, Carrie Frye rounds up 46 things to read and see on the day.  There’s a good chance everything below this is in that roundup, but we will continue just in case.

Open Culture has the DFW audio treasure chest.

In one of our favorite original pieces today, The Classical takes Kyle Beachy’s article from The Chicagoan on Wallace’s time in Peoria.

Flavorwire rounds up the best body art inspired by David Foster Wallace.

Don’t forget to revisit Maud Newton’s NYT piece, “Another Thing To Sort Of Pin On David Foster Wallace.”

And there’s also our DFW Literary Trading Card from last year’s birthday.

“There’s this thing that happens to people who read David Foster Wallace, the novelist and essayist who would have turned 50 years old today. It’s the reason his literary reputation so fervently exploded the moment he died: those who like his work don’t just champion the writing, but seem to become personally enamored of the man.” – Daniel Roberts at Berfrois.

Vol. 1 contributor, Joe Winkler, shares his thoughts over at his personal blog.

Finally, DFW’s interview with Charlie Rose from 1997.

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