Kickstart The Beatrice App

If you like interviews with authors, and you have an iPad, iPhone, or any other type of eReader, you should really consider kicking Ron Hogan a few bucks for his Beatrice App project.

With your support, I can launch Beatrice as a free app, starting with an issue called “Life Stories” that’s built around conversations with memoir writers. There’s Darin Strauss, who won the National Book Critics Circle award for autobiography in 2011 for Half a Life; Deb Olin Unferth, who’s up for the same award this year for her memoir, Revolution; and Alina Simone, an indie rocker who made her literary debut last summer with a collection of autobiographical essays called You Must Go and Win. Three fantastic writers, each of whom opens up about the challenges they faced in telling the stories of their lives. If you’re looking for a great book to read, these interviews may just convince you to pick up one (or all) of these books. Or, if you’re thinking about writing a memoir yourself, these authors certainly have great insights to share, and every conversation I’ve recorded for Beatrice so far has been like that–full of real talk about what it takes to write a book, and about what happens once that book is out in the world.

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