Vol. 1 Presents: The Greatest 3-Minute Punk Stories Ever (April 10th)

If you read Vol. 1 Brooklyn enough, you probably realize by now that some of us come from punk rock backgrounds.  We’ve made zines, been in bands, gone on tour, and maybe dyed our hair an awkward shade of green once or twice.  That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to announce the lineup for The Greatest 3-Minute Punk Stories Ever, taking place at Public Assembly on April 10th.  As always, the event is free, and starts at 7:30.  Each reader will be given three minutes to tell their punk story, and if they go over, we will probably blast Spazz to drown them out.

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Kid Millions (Oneida)

Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks, author of We Never Learn)

Liz Nord (Filmmaker)

Bryan Waterman (33 1/3 for Television’s Marquee Moon)

Sean Doyle (Writer)

Temim Fruchter (The Shondes)

Jayson Green (Orchid, Panthers, Violent Bullshit)

Daniel Ralston (Low Times podcast)

Samantha Hinds (Editor-at-Large, The New Inquiry; co-founder, Fortnight Journal)

Zachary Lipez (Freshkills, author Please Take Me Off The Guest List)

Max Tremblay (Sleepies, co-author White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race)

Tobias Carroll (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Justin Taylor (Author, The Gospel of Anarchy)

Caryn Rose (Author, B-Sides and Broken Hearts)

Maggie Serota (Low Times podcast)

Eric Weiss (Rumpshaker zine)

Judy McGuire (Seattle Weekly columnist, co-host of The Mike & Judy Show and author of the Official Book of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll List)

Sohrab Habibion (Obits, Edsel)

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