Afternoon Bites: Swans Reviewed, Tupelo Hassman Interviewed, 7x20x21 Revealed, And More

a perfect void of nostalgia that comes at a moment when similar indie rock heroes have reunited to defile the corpses of early works for lump sums of cash.” Grayson Currin on the latest from Swans, We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head.

The lineup for this BEA’s 7x20x21 looks incredibly good.

Joseph Riippi is interviewed at The Collagist.

Rosemary Hill on Susannah Clapp’s A Card From Angela Carter.

Tupelo Hassman is interviewed at The Rumpus. (Here’s our review of her novel Girlchild.)

Eugene Lim on Don Carpenter’s Hard Rain Falling.

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