Afternoon Bites: Filming Harry Crews, Reissues We’d Like to See, Brooklyn Noir, and More

Seam, we need you.

At The L Magazine, Vol.1’s Tobias Carroll suggests five underrated 90s bands whose music should get the deluxe reissue treatment. It goes without saying that his fellow editors heartily agree.

You know what’s awesome? Norman Brannon and Willie Nelson contributed to the same book, that’s what.

Gary Hawkins on filming Harry Crews.

Gabrielle Gantz revisits the anthology Brooklyn Noir.

The Outlet has a fine write-up of this week’s PANK Invasion at WORD.

Over at Treehouse, Matthew Specktor and Michael Wolfe consider Denis Johnson.

This post on vocal fry (found via Carl Wilson) clears up some things for us and gives us an excuse to listen to some Britney.

Did you catch the rave review for Alien vs. Predator in the New York Times this week? Michael Robbins has reason to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend. (Our interview with him is here.)

“Wildfire” by Michael Murphey used to make Ween’s Aaron Freeman cry when he was 8 years old. A gentle soul, that Aaron Freeman.

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