Afternoon Bites: Zadie Reads O’Hara, Fiona Sings Macca, Nike Sells and Sells, and more

Otis Redding cooling off.

It’s going to be unbearably hot this week. Can someone farther downtown get us an ice cream sandwich?

They’re not businessmen; they’re a business, man. A great essay on punk skaters and Nike’s insidious strategy for selling to them.

Zadie Smith reads Frank O’Hara’s “Animals,” and we swoon.

Fiona Apple covered Paul McCartney on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, and at least one Vol. 1 editor freaked out.

An architecturally inspired tanning booth begets an article in LA Weekly that features the words “Fiberglas,” “Paul Bunyan,” and “speedboat” in related anecdotes.

Out of curiosity, we’d like to order a case of England’s first monastic beer since the Reformation.

Scroll down, and you’ll see Robert Christgau musing on Herzog in the comments of one of his own posts: “Although I was barely political myself at the time, in it I felt the burgeoning neoconservatism that would soon overtake Commentary and its legions. I don’t know what happened to my copy, but it’s not on my shelves. I never read Bellow’s fiction again…”

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