Weekend Bites: Faulkner and the South, Stephen King Video Games, Zombies and More

Several pages of John Jeremiah Sullivan talking about William Faulkner and the South?  We might as well make that our entire focus of Weekend Bites.

James Parker at the Slate Book Review on Raymond Kennedy’s that predicted the rise of Sarah Palin.

Also at Slate Book Review: Michelle Dean on why smart men seem to have misunderstood Sheila Heti’s book.

Daniel Roberts on Dave Eggers A Hologram for the King at Fortune.

Ten Stephen King novels that should be video games.

The Gandhi archive is going to make some bank.

Michael Dooley at Imprint on the late Harvey Pekar’s latest posthumous graphic novel Not the Israel my Parents Promised Me.

Julia Cooke at Guernica looks at what zombie movie teach us about Cuba.

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