Ain’t That America: Matt Robison’s Random Calls Across America

Over at The Morning News, Matt Robison has been making phone calls to folks all across the country and asking them what’s new in their town. He gets news and anecdotes from folks like P.J., who works at the Brilliant, Alabama post office (but actually lives a half-hour away in Winston County) and tells Robison that:

Probably the most exciting thing happening lately, P.J. says, is the closure of Main Street for the past few hours. “They’re, uh”––his voice strains a little, as if he’s leaning over to look out a window–– “they’re trimming a tree, I think. Yeah, they’ve been working on it for a while now. An old oak. I think they’re sawing it down.”

It’s great reading Robison’s ongoing series, especially for those of us who like to mentally get away from the fast pace of city life from time to time.

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