Announcing: Vol. 1 Brooklyn vs. the End of August

Consider this our way of saying goodbye to the malaise that inevitably sets in as September creeps up. We here at Vol. 1 have been teasing about this for weeks now, and we’re finally coming clean: we’re hosting an amazing reading at the end of August. On August 23, at Culturefix (9 Clinton Street on the LES), we’ll be hearing prose and poetry from:

  • Marci Blackman, author of Po Man’s Child and Tradition
  • Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart and When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother
  • Miles Klee, author of Ivyland
  • Justin Taylor, author of Everything Here Is the Best Thing Ever
  • Ariana Reines, author of Coeur de Lion and Mercury
  • Michael Robbins, author of Alien vs. Predator

Come join us! It’s going to be great. And we’ll give you a present* if you can guess what the name of the reading is a reference to.

*The present is our lasting love and admiration, which should be enough, okay?

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