Morning Bites: Sexy Books, On Yacht Rock, Maggie’s Suits, Straub and Sky, new Fiddleblack and More

The outlaw Jesse James was born on this day in 1847. He was one of the prototypes for how dudes in Williamsburg look in 2012.

Eileen Myles, Kate Christensen, Nicholson Baker and Chloe Caldwell all wrote sexy books that Michele Filgate thinks you should read.

At Interview: Emma Straub talks to Jennifer Sky.

There’s a new issue of Fiddleblack up.  Our buddy Daniel Roberts has a story in there which we feel inclined to point you towards.

“The smooth in yacht rock served as a kind of sonic fracking fluid, injecting itself into the interstices of the capitalist integument to blast it asunder.” The New Inquiry on Yacht Rock.

Some people will pay a lot of money for Margaret Thatcher’s suits.

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