Weekend Bites: Woody & Groucho, New York Tyrant Over the Edge, the Real Wise Cranky Kaplan, Nicholson Baker’s Reading Picks and More


New York Tyrant goes Over the Edge with the latest issue.

Nathan Heller at The New Republic on the CrankyWise and Real wisdom of Peter Kaplan.

When Woody Allen and Groucho Marx were pen pals.

At Berfrois: Sianne Ngai discusses Shulamith Firestone’s Airless Spaces 

Talking books with Nicholson Baker.

“Such a life easily slides in the direction of myth. Malcolm Hillgartner’s audiobook performance of D.T. Max’s “Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story” — the first of what will surely be many David Foster Wallace biographies — is a welcome corrective.”: Kyle Minor reviews the audiobook for D.T. Max’s David Foster Wallace biography at Salon.

The first man to walk on the moon has been buried at sea.

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