Morning Bites: St. Joyce Carol Oates, Schappell on Jong, Faulkner and Pippen Eating Birthday Cake, Michael Vick’s Story and More


Shel Silverstein, William Faulkner and Scottie Pippen all share today as their birthday. All three should be Nobel Prize winners, but only one is.

Elissa Schappell on Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying at NPR. (Schappell read this at our recent Greatest 3-Minute Book Stories event and it was awesome.)

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) and young Joyce Carol Oates look a little bit like they could be related.

Eudora Welty goes to the library.

The Classical takes on Michael Vick’s autobiography.

Hanging out with Bill Murray in a hotel room.

Andrew Sullivan thinks President Obama will be “The Democrats’ Ronald Reagan.”

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