Morning Bites: T.S. Eliot’s Birthday, Adam Wilson on Louis C.K., Colson Whitehead, and More

Happy birthday, T.S. Eliot! You had suspect beliefs, unimpeachable poetry. Did you know the OED lists Eliot as early evidence of the word salonniere? Befitting of a guy in a world where women come and go, talking of Michaelangelo.

Adam Wilson thinks through Louie at the LA Review of Books.

“You have no idea how many books I have,” Salman Rushdie says. We’ll guess: a lot?

This is a lovely interview with Colson Whitehead over at Tin House.

Oh hey, Brandon Stosuy talked to Jacob Bannon about Converge’s new album.

Have a lovely Day of Atonement, those of you who are online and thus not strictly fasting. Tsk, so lazy.

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