Afternoon Bites: Zadie Smith on Badminton, 1993 in Culture, Art & Minor Threat, and More

Artforum on Dan Graham’s Minor Threat and Peter Adair’s Holy Ghost People.

Zadie Smith talked with The New Yorker about her story “The Embassy of Cambodia”: “There’s a fair amount of swimming in my fiction—swimming and running are my only “sports” in real life—but I haven’t played badminton since I was a teen-ager.”

Motherboard on Aaron Swartz and David Foster Wallace.

“I don’t enjoy writing. I never have. I find it hard work and it doesn’t come easy to me.” Lee Rourke chatted with Full Stop.

Hyperallergic on the Museum of Mathematics, which looks potentially amazing.

A report on the impressive printmaking taking place at Manhattan Graphics Center.

Vulture collects memories of 1993 in culture.

The latest installment of Storychord is now up.

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