Afternoon Bites: New Museum on 1993, Latest Illuminati Girl Gang, Lars Iyer Interviewed, and More

“When the nostalgia train hits a time when you were actually an adult, you palpably experience the constructedness of history.” At Artforum, Rhonda Lieberman looks at the New Museum’s “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.”

Nick Antosca makes the case for Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning: “a movie Werner Herzog, David Lynch, and Shivers-era David Cronenberg might make if they teamed up to shoot a Bourne knockoff in Louisiana on a shoestring budget.”

THE2NDHAND‘s Todd Dills on his novel in progress, which takes inspiration from both Ralph Ellison and NASCAR.

If you’d like to watch the entirety of a Hilly Eye show in Philadelphia, the internet can help with that.

“In our happy-happy, lovely-lovely times, the past exists only as an opportunity for sentimentalism, the present as a moment in ongoing personal growth, and the future as some vague dream of fulfilment. How, in this context, can this unease be marked?” Lars Iyer talked with The Rumpus.

The latest issue of Illuminati Girl Gang, the zine edited by Sunday Stories contributor Gabby Gabby, is out now.

Evžen Sobek’s portraits of life in a Czech resort are pretty stunning.

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