Afternoon Bites: Iceage’s Latest, William Boyd’s Bond, Jonathan Ames’s Chandler Tribute, and More

Brandon Stosuy on Iceage’s You’re Nothing: “These are the sentiments of early 70s NYC punk made by kids who can look back on hardcore and post-punk to add fuel to it.”

“As a writer, you’re able to set up characters where they play out violent fantasies. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you hated could be hung upside down in a barn and whipped with a riding crop? Well, no, it’s dreadful. But as a writer, you have the liberty to act these things out on the page.” Royal Young talked with Sarah Hall for Interview.

William Boyd is writing a James Bond novel.

Heidi Vanderlee and Amy Klein of Leda have a new single out, and also guest-edited the latest installment of Storychord.

Our own Jason Diamond looks at artisanal magazines.

The AV Club exhumed a 1975 Nixon-themed sketch-comedy film called White House Madness.

Warren Ellis shared his thoughts on Jonathan Ames’s Chandler/Westlake-tribute novella You Were Never Really Here.

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