Afternoon Bites: Charles Yu on George Saunders, Matt Bell Excerpted, Tracey Thorn and Samuel Beckett, and More

 Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana and Donnybrook, is interviewed at The Awl.

“Although Bedsit Disco Queen was written in fits and starts and ends for no good reason in 2007, it’s a gem by the wretched standard of the rock memoir, and also by the stiff-necked standard of theses on Beckett’s fiction, another literary genre Thorn has under her belt.” Robert Christgau reviewed Bedsit Disco Queen and Big Day Coming.

Guernica has an excerpt up from Matt Bell’s forthcoming novel.

Morrissey chatted with Rookie.

“…characters, each moving, either by compulsion or by some newfound resolve, toward some critical life moment, suddenly and unexpectedly converging on a single point in space and time.” Charles Yu reviews George Saunders’s Tenth of December.

Ron Hogan interviewed Nick Flynn.

There is an app for photo-zine-making.

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