Vol. 1 Brooklyn & Community Bookstore Host Renata Adler on April 30th

**Please note the new date**

There’s this thing that happens all the time where a publisher decides that the out of print work of an author must be back on the shelves of bookstores and libraries, so the publisher rescues the work, gives it a spiffy new cover, maybe a foreword by a hotshot young writer, and hope that people rediscover the work.

In the case of Renata Adler, and her books Speedboat and Pitch Dark, one must wonder why she went out of print in the first place. They are both–for lack of better terms–brilliant contemporary classics, that shouldn’t need to be rediscovered, but thanks to NYRB Classics, will be by a new generation of readers. And for anybody paying attention, from the buzz on Twitter to Adler gracing the cover of the latest Bookforum, people are already excited for these two books.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn is proud to work with our friends at Community Bookstore to host Renata Adler, reading from the two books, on April 30th at the bookstore, starting at 7 pm. Seating is limited, so please get there early. Facebook RSVP here.

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