Morning Bites: Etgar Keret Stories, Fitzgerald’s Poetry, Talking Rothschilds, Tyrant Talks, Sheryl Sandberg’s Army, and More


Maxim Gorky was born on this day in 1868.

Do you have $75000-$100,000 to spend on some original F. Scott Fitzgerald poems?

Sometimes you need to set aside some time to read a John Jeremiah Sullivan essay. Sometimes is now, since J.J.S. has something up at Laphams Quarterly.

The Other People podcast has Giancarlo DiTrapano of Tyrant Books on the show.

Etgar Keret has contributed a story to Electric Literature’s always stellar Recommended Reading series. But wait, there’s more: There’s an animated short based off the story as well.

Royal Young talks with Hannah Rothschild about her book The Baroness at Interview.

Don’t mess with Sheryl Sandberg’s PR people.

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