Afternoon Bites: Chickfactor 21 Lineup, Percival Everett, Mexico City Cuisine, and More


The lineup for Chickfactor 21 — The Pastels! Dump! Future Bible Heroes! — looks incredible.

“Those who do grant Percival Everett by Virgil Russell its ultimate formal integrity and follow it through to the end will actually find that the story it tells, however obliquely, and the subject it addresses, however indistinctly, are among the most emotionally engaging, even moving, in Everett’s fiction.” Daniel Green on Percival Everett.

Julian Darius looks at Warren Ellis’s thematic trilogy of superhero books: No HeroBlack Summer, and Supergod.

Ron Charles on Amazon & Goodreads.

The latest issue of Swallow focuses on the food of Mexico City. We are intrigued.

Jennifer Gilmore is blogging this week at the Jewish Book Council.

Aaron Gilbreath gets all Metropolitan Diary on us.

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