Welcoming The Media


The closure of the Boston Phoenix earlier this year prompted abundant eulogies for this long-running alt-weekly, ranging from remembrances from the high-profile writers who had spent time there to laments at the loss of another element of local media.

Now, Phoenix alumni Faye Orlove and Liz Pelly have created a new publication, called The Media. Pelly’s introduction serves as a kind of manifesto:

The Media is not trying to hide. We want to offer a supportive platform directly to the most radical voices, the most challenging artists. People who have something to say whether they are “qualified” or not. We know the media still needs more feminist, queer, and youth perspectives, more voices from people of color and those who are generally disenfranchised and overlooked. Expect these voices here.

The first issue also contains promising-looking pieces like a conversation between Laura Stevenson and Larry Livermore and a look at the history of Boston underground presses. We’re excited to read this first issue, and equally excited to see what the future of The Media holds.

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