When Edith Wharton Pissed Off The 1%


Really fascinating piece at Gothamist about New York’s ” 145 Year Old Secret Dinner Society,” The Zodiac Club. The whole thing is a fascinating read, but we especially loved the Edith Wharton bit: 

In 1921, the Signs were enraged at Edith Wharton for selling out their class in her new book The Age of Innocence.

Edith Wharton’s new story, “The Age of Innocence,” has just been published. [Brother] Cancer slashed the book with sabre cuts of Saxon speech, declaring that New York society in the ’70’s was refined, intelligent and self-respecting and that the authoress did no credit to herself in attempting to belittle or disparage such a society in which members of her own family took leading parts.

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