Afternoon Bites: Literary Kleptomaniacs, Hoax Collected, Virtual “Spiral Jetty,” The Pastels’ Latest, and More


“New art comes into being through the invention of a new form – a new form of expression, a new language and syntax.” Tadeusz Różewicz talked with 3:AM.

Someone replicated Spiral Jetty in Minecraft.

The New Inquiry on literary kleptomaniacs.

Doug Mosurock on a singles collection from Hoax: “This is an easy way to spend the proper time with these releases, and realize the bleeding conviction of this band for what it is, just about the best hardcore band in the country.”

Next weekend’s BABZ Fair looks incredibly promising.

Notes on the most underappreciated characters in Shakespeare’s plays.

“No pressed flowers here drily document past glories. These songs are fresh, ephemeral beauties, still beaded with dew.” Jennifer Kelly on the latest from The Pastels.

David Corbett on the creation of memorable characters.

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